SwingPals is actively looking for dynamic individuals who wish to take a leadership role in our organization.
We are looking for volunteers to assist at our flag football games for six Saturdays this fall.
We will feature hundreds of hand lit luminaria bags at our multi-night Moonlight in the Garden. Volunteers are needed to place luminaria bags, refresh bags and candles, or clean up, depending on the task of the day. Qualifies for service learning and community school service hours.
Volunteers needed to deliver lunches to senior residents of Sir Walter Apts. (downtown Ral.) from 10:30 am until noon.
Our objective is to assist any veteran over the age of 65 or their widow. This assistance is often in the form of providing funds for the repair or maintenance of the veterans home, replacement of appliances and difficulties with various agencies as they seek assistance.
Do you love organizing things? Want to give back to a non-profit that is fighting poverty in NC? Please help us put together participant packets for our poverty simulation toolkit. Dress comfortably and come to our office to help us prepare for our powerful poverty simulation training.
Collect trash from ~one mile of the Walnut Creek Greenway
We need help unloading and sorting donations at a reuse donation event.
Volunteers will build school kits that are donated to the Tier 1 schools.
Volunteers will cut 1" strips with a scissor around two rectangle fleece blanket.